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Extreme ironing champion makes comeback

Extreme ironing inventor Phil Shaw - AKA Steam has made a comeback in the sport. Report by Hettie Maylam.

Extreme Ironing - Pressing For Glory (2003 TV Program)

2003 Channel 4 TV program looking at the 1st ever Extreme Ironing World Championships..... As well as the rival extreme vacuum cleaning championships.

the extreme ironing world cup

the most dangerous sport goin and a little extra special supprise aswell in the video.

Most people extreme ironing underwater

The most people to extreme iron underwater at the same time, in one place, is 70 scuba divers from Bay City Divers (Australia) in the pool at Norlane Waterworld ...

Extreme Ironing

dedicated to Larry Erdman.

Extreme Ironing

The thrill of a dangerous sport, combined with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt! Paramania Action GT26, BMG team Cobra four stroke, Custom built trike ...

Extreme ironing - Unusual sport


Underwater Extreme Ironing 2005

Underwater Extreme Ironing is a challenging sport, that demands committment and focus from its athletes. This event was held under water, beside the Waikato ...

Extreme ironing Yvoir Belgium

A fun day with an iron and an ironing board.

Jeremy Clarkson endorses extreme ironing

Known for his saying it how it his, Clarkson damns a whole host of sports, but seems to have a soft spot for extreme ironing. Film courtesy of HUTC.co.uk.

world's first extreme ironing on mount everest partha dey

extreme ironing on mount everest partha dey first person to extreme iron on mount everest.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing is still alive & kicking these days and Carpet Doctor is here to help clean up the mess with a unique cost effective carpet burn repair service to ...

Stena Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing Stena Commercial.

What's extreme ironing?

Extreme Ironing is an extreme sport and a performance art in which people take ironing boards to remote locations and iron items of clothing. According to the ...

Underwater Extreme Ironing


Extreme Ironing THETA S 360 spherical skiing 2016

Extreme Ironing THETA S 360 spherical skiing 2016 Spunds: NoCopyrightSounds, music without limitations. nukshuk - Happy Accidents (Live Performance) ...

Extreme Ironing - Boston 2004

Extreme Ironing - Boston 2004 This was the first leg of the Extreme Ironing US tour 2004.

Extreme ironing creator returns to world's weirdest sport - no comment

Briton Phil Shaw, who claims to have invented the bizarre activity of 'extreme ironing', is making a comeback to the sport after 11 years. Shaw claims to have ...

Extreme Ironing

Documentary on how to iron a shirt next to a glacier.

Extreme Ironing 3 of 3

Rowenta Extreme Ironing South Dakota.

Underwater Extreme Ironing

102 Divers underwater ironing at Brighton Baths in Victoria, Australia.

Extreme Ironing


Extreme ironing: Cheers to the world's weirdest sports

Launched in Leicester in 1997, this activity requires contenders to iron clothes in locations such as mountainsides, on ice and under water. The Extreme Ironing ...

Extreme Ironing AZ

Extreme Ironing in Arizona on Easter.

Extreme Ironing

David does some ironing during the Atlantic Divers 24hr Sponsored Dive for Cash for Kids.



GoBro - Extreme Ironing - Chapter 1

First chapter of the Extreme Ironing adventures! Like and subscribe if you like it. Like us on Facebook.com/gobroAV Song: Philter - A small victory (I do not own ...

Extreme Ironing Submarine 2013: Sony Action Cam Underwater

Extreme Ironing Submarine 2013 The extreme experience appears to move beyond the infinite loop of irony DATE: August 10 2013 LOCATION: Kouri Island ...

Extreme ironing


AndPud Extreme Ironing

AndPud irons a shirt whilst making conversation at the same time.

Extreme Ironing on the mountain top @Mt. Bandai, FUKUSHIMA JAPAN

Extreme Ironing FUKUSHIMA @Mt. Bandai JAPAN 16.03.2013 â’¸Maki Sugimoto 2013.

Ironman - extreme ironing

Extreme ironing on ennis's roof.

Extreme Ironing//Cycling

via YouTube Capture.

Extreme Ironing Essex Style

The correct proceedure for obtaining a neatly pressed shirt whilst mountain boarding...

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